Earth Module

Earth Module is a multi-faceted dome structure with room for one person that uses infinity mirror effects and subtle, organic lighting patterns to evoke the night sky. Contained within a small tent, which opens above into the vastness of space, its form is inspired by the interior of the Apollo 11 lunar module.

Earth Module takes you on a journey from earth, up through the atmosphere, past the moon, passing through the shadows of planets and into the stars. The starry space above you models and interprets physical phenomena such as shooting stars, nebulae and atmospheric scintillation- starlight passing through different layers of turbulent atmosphere becomes distorted, causing stars to twinkle.

Through the chaos, a rhythm emerges and the pulsating stars coalesce into a bright mass, briefly revealing the module's form before it disappears into darkness.

Exhibited alongside Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon at Sherborne Abbey and Nothe Fort, Dorset in July 2019, where thousands of people were able to experience a trip in the Module as part of Dorset Moon's 'Under the Moon' programme.

Produced by Activate's Inside Out Dorset Festival, b-side festival and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea festival. Commissioned by Arts Development Company's Culture+ programme, funded by Arts Council England and the European Regional Development Fund.

Concept, design, construction: Matilda Skelton Mace
Light programming: Barney Gale

Two concentric wooden domes, poplar plywood, perspex, mirror styrene, mirror film, individually addressable LED strips, curtains, tent, chair, custom circuitry in waterproof casing, 3 x fadecandy, raspberry pi, power supply.