Sky Island

All internet users broadcast a public set of data which is a product of the way they access the web: information about their hardware, operating system and browser preferences which is detailed enough that the majority of users can be identified more uniquely than a fingerprint.

Sky Island reinterprets the hidden relationships between metadata in an alien, geometric virtual world. The universe is comprised of generative sky islands which represent each user, their characteristics differing depending on the platform used to visit it.

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Commissioned by Aspen through the Aspen Online Art Award 2016. Supported by the Contemporary Arts Society. Inspired by the EFF's Panopticlick. Thanks to fingerprintjs2 for the fingerprint tests.

Concept, Design: Matilda Skelton Mace

Production: Barney Gale, Matilda Skelton Mace, Rafael Castro Couto

Music: o.utlier feat. Taro, Appian Sounds

written in three.js