wave projector

A cymatics projector. It uses a custom sound piece, written using the Mozzi library for Arduino, to generate faraday waves in water. It layers oscillators which combine and recombine to form complex wave patterns. Lights controlled by a second Arduino project the wave patterns onto the ceiling. An infrared sensor mounted on the frame allows the user to change the colour of the light if they dip their hands in the water.

A blog documenting the project can be found here.

Collaborative university project, made with Giampaolo Trojani and Abalon Livingart.

2 Arduino Unos, DMX shield, LM-386 op-amp circuit, LED par cans, LED strip lights, speaker cone, amplifier, Sharp infrared proximity sensor, 3D printed mount, fresnel lens, plywood, water, plastic tray, custom software, custom circuits.